Birthday & Wedding


Skip & Delinda’s Wedding PLUS batchelor/batchelorette party

The most beautiful wedding you will EVER SEE.
Skip Staheli & Delinda Dench get married and we have captured every moment including their batchelor and batchelorette parties !!!
Wedding music chosen by the couple.
I HOLD NO COPYRIGHT TO ANY MUSIC No infringement intended. No monetisation on video.
With 97+ people partying hard it was a very difficult situation to film and so there are some laggy parts for which I can not help.
Using Adobe Premier CS6 and Fraps.


Second Life 13th Birthday Celebrations (SL13B)

Second Life celebrated their 13th Birthday and InWorld Films was there to captured it.. From showcases to parties and the BIG CAKE BANG !!! Well done to everyone that participated. An outstanding event with amazing works of art.


Skip Staheli’s 8th Rez Day Party

Filmed on location at Serena Lakes and Neva River.
A celebration of Skip Stahelis work and rez day party in Second Life.
To all that attended and *crashed* due to lag… I tried to capture the amazing atmosphere at this incredible party… with over 44 avatars in attendance at one point it was a mean feat to film.. hence the quality of the film clips may stutter due to lag within Second Life.


Second Life Part 1 of 3 THE WEDDING Suzie & TheHellChild 15.2.14

part 2…
part 3…
Filmed by Suzie Anderton
PART 1 of 3 ! WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO part 2 (Happy, by Pharrell Williams) AND BLOOPERS part 3 !!!!! ENJOY !!!!!
Filmed in Second Life Wheely Sim ~ Lorena Chung Estates
Thanks To Biatch Fenwitch, HasNoSoul Resident, P2472 Sideshow and all our guests that turned up !!
I hold no copy right to any music.
Filmed with fraps and adobe premier cs 6


Second Life Out Takes of Wedding part 2/3 18+

WARNING…. some parts are unsuitable for children.
part 1 the wedding link…
part 3…
bloopers Part 2 of 3
Wedding of TheHellChild and Suzie 15th February 2014
Starring P2472 Sideshow,HasNoSoul,Hell,Suzie
Music by Danza Kuduro from the Fast and Furious Film
Sound effects
Filmed on location at Wheely and Toy Slaves Brothel in SL


BONNIE & BILL NORTON’S (bill6969) WEDDING IN VOICE SL 13th April 2013

A gift from Linda Banger & Sara Cao-Banger OTHER BRIDESMAID Naj & GROOMSMEN McKal PARTIALLY IN VOICE IN SECOND LIFE Suzie Anderton
Second Life Wedding 13th April 2013 1pm slt
music by Bill 473 Resident NOT THE GROOM ! To make you feel my love/Let it be me
music from Kenny Chesney You had me from hello.



Irish Lionhearts Rez Day 16th March 2013. Party Held at Fucca’s Club.