Created by Hera – this tremendous sim is immersive in every way. From the horses footsteps trotting down the cobbled streets, to the distant steam train whistles. This film does NOT do this incredible sim justice and I urge you to go look around and even venture into some of the shops … you may even find some unexpected surprises around the corner !! – USE SHARED WINDLIGHTS for this sim.


ECHO RIDGE SIM by Elvira Kytori

I tp’d in and was suddenly immersed into a cold wintery beautiful sim using SHARED ENVIROMENT and media sound ON it was truly a delight and OMG I just had to film this epic place.

The creaking of the ice below your feet sounded almost frightening and the sunrays through the trees made you feel in awe.

This has to be one of the best winter places i’ve visited *so far*…. my explorations continue.

Enjoy the sim > here is the LANDMARK https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amaria/173/91/21


I saw the challenge on Twitter, a blog written by Wagner James and decided to have a little play …. yes I spend hours in a water sandbox with an animesh shark treading water until I found a swimming AO !…. but after several shots and changes to WL and water settings managed to capture something workable ! in fact tbh very little has been done to the shot. SL water is a pig if your capturing from UNDER water looking up at your avatar as pixels get displaced. So, here is my entry, just a little fun 🙂