The Gym Hub – The Ultimate SL Gym Experience


This newly opened gym will give everyone the chance to do their own personal workout with different TV workouts on a massive screen ! (enable media player !).

Lower floor has all the gym equipment you can think of whilst the upper floor gives you time to unwind after a hard workout.

Join the group for up to date notifications on classes ranging from pilates, yoga, tia chi, AVaton cycling and just awesome pumping tunes !

Mindfulness is something we all need, so occasionally there will be mindfulness videos running where you will be able to relax and soak up the atmosphere and just be still.



TikTok gets a dose of InWorld Films..


#fridaynight when lockdown ends we be like … 🥳 @secondlife #secondlife #secondlifeavi #fridaynight #fyp

♬ original sound – cohmedyclub

#blackpink in #secondlife using paragon dance animation @secondlife that floor needs moping gabs!! 😬

♬ How You Like That – BLACKPINK

#secondlife FUTURISTIC LOOK in @secondlife #fyp #dancing #secondlifeavi #foryoupage #trend A whole new meaning to street dancing !!!

♬ Coño (feat. Jhorrmountain x Adje) – Puri

Chilling with Hellchild under the old tree drinking wine. #secondlife #secondlifeavi #fyp #youlightmeupinside @secondlife ❤️

♬ Shower – Becky G


3 minute video of highlights

A 5 hour event took place on the 21st of February at The Grove Country Estates Club raising money for the American Cancer Society. Over 150 people turned up and they raised over $1,800 on the night !!!! WAY TO GO !!!!!

Live singers entertained an audience which included Prince Charming, Cinderella, Snow White, Piglet, Tigger, Fairies, Princesses and the evil witch even turned up !!!!

The event certainly made you feel uplifted and the whole place was decorated to the hilt with cartoon characters. A big WELL DONE to ALL who took part and put so much time and effort into this amazing event. The highlights was the grand finale with fireworks cascading around a beautifully light up fairy tale palace !!

Well done Crito Galtier and his super team (applauds) :-))

WHO says you can’t bond with your virtual pet!?!

A recent tweet by Ava Bloodrose Delaney…​ about emotional attachment came to mind when making this film … SL’ers can form emotional attachments to their virtual pets too…. I dare you NOT to fall in love with any of the animals featured in this film !!! she quotes **** The key though is emotional attachment, if you form an emotional attachment to your avatar, what happens to your avatar triggers an emotional response for you. In this case the sensation of closeness to another human being, even if what your eyes are seeing is pixel people. In your head it’s a virtual “you”, the other person wants to share this moment with you and that is the point. This doesn’t work for some people I know that, they just see pixels on a screen and it triggers nothing, to me they’re missing out.*** Featuring Animals from Rezz Room, Teegle Horses, Maya’s Architecture Shop, plus installations from Swank & Co by Adonis Lubinor CEO of SWANK EVENTS and Greymoon Designs, T-spot, TLC Home Collection. Building your own paradise in a VR world – BUT don’t forget RL … We all need Hope. Filmed on the private residence of Suzie Anderton


Chilling with Hellchild under the old tree drinking wine. #secondlife #secondlifeavi #fyp #youlightmeupinside @secondlife ❤️

♬ Shower – Becky G

My Road Buddy HELLCHILD !

We are heading out from MOTHER ROAD in second life and what a road it is ! Riding with the gang on Turlaccor Custombike Vix Motors MotoDesign Second Life Motorcycles we took to the road for a great ride and quick photoshoot…..

Rev them engines and lets burn some rubber

Fingers crossed for my two pictures as I can tell you there is some serious competition !!!

The Robie House in SL duplicated from RL !

Thank you to Miltone and Tab for inviting me along to the “Doctors without Borders Event” which helps raise funds for global life saving emergencies … The Robie House was premiered and then Frank Sinatra and his band played into the wee small hours (uk time !) and we staggered home very merry on champagne.

Would also like to say a big thank you to my dear friends who came to support the film premiere and event Adonis CEO of SWANK Crito CEO of The Grove Country Club Estates and Gabby who stayed up till stupid o’clock just to hold my hand ! Was a fantastic turn out and great company.



We need some fun in our lives and what better way to have a laugh with friends at the 80’s Roller Disco !

DJs and 80’s music all the way !

Skates on arrival dropped into your Inventory…… so what you waiting for??!?……

Let’s forget this year…

I’ve had enough of RL… so I decided to move… in SL… and give myself a project. I am now living in Spain !

House by HISA.

Fun building, fun buying, fun tweeking, and fun film making…. and thank you to my sl love HellChild for whisking me around the patio to the argentino tango.. well i think it was the tango..i was drunk and you were a good leader !!!

Merry Christmas everyone..stay safe… hoping for a better 2021

Let’s pray

InWorld Films moves to TIKTOK

moving with the times….


#JustDanceMoves #secondlife #fyp #virtualworlds Friday freaky clubbing at M2D @secondlife @strawberrysingh @mr.vitothemainecoon @aurisvu

♬ original sound – Second Life SUZIE

#mamasandpapas autumn is here in @secondlife #secondlife #secondlifeavatar #tik #foryourpage discover places to visit #virtual @mr.vitothemainecoon @

♬ original sound – Second Life SUZIE

Homes/Sims under the spotlight – HIGH WATER

Next project was a beautiful sim built by Kiana Jarman, owned by quistis, angeleyes and edwin who wanted me to bring out the essence of this beautiful landscaping…. adored with a thick forest, waterfalls, long golden sandy beaches and a maze of caves…… A private residence captured forever using their very own region wind light settings.


Jasmine Snow prides herself on her incredible creations and landscaping. She has 6 regions with rentals available, either furnished or unfurnished. All set in the most outstanding environments. Surfing, horseback riding, forests and beaches. WATCH the video and go check out her website to see what is on offer…

A truly inspirational group of regions which have been lovingly created.

CONTACT jasminesnow333 inworld if you would like to enquire about a short or long term rental.


Pismo Beach by Jasmine Snow (jasminesnow333)

explore and discover the many wonders this beautiful place has to offer

Incorporating the white sands of the beach with the lush green meadows and a water fall into a bubbling lake…this place is just breath taking. Animated horse rides across the region or go by foot and find all the hidden gems here.



Suzie Anderton


Since the lockdown my way of life has altered like many …. but the nature of my job means I will be one of the last to go back to normality… this lock down period has its draw backs.. and I find myself losing all sense of time, days even weeks… the days just merge and sometimes I feel my sanity needs a status check.

This video is just a bit of fun..  but if you analyse it closely I think this is a representation of my mind atm !!!!!

Lets go crazy together.. SOUND UP !

The Bandit 50/3



Analyse Dean creator of this beautiful Bandit boat has simply ticked all the boxes when it comes to boats in secondlife.  The realism is fantastic and the detail is outstanding.  I have a few Bandits in my large boat collection and this one is one of my favorites.

Not sure if you could handle a big sail boat?  Well, demo it first at Dutch Harbor and feel the wind in your hair.

I am a true water baby in RL as well as SL  so you will probably find me hoisting up my sails at Blake Sea …. or even Fruit Islands !



The Grand Opening of Bellezzamora


Exquisitely built and decorated to the highest standards spilling over with love and pride

Bellezzamora is now opening to the public on the 12th July 1 pm slt with live singers and a firework display.  The home of Crito & Christian Galtier, from The Grove Country Club Estates in Second Life.

Limo here

Lets go on a sneak tour …..