Fallingwater House RL & SL merge

Merging RL and SL architecture is a true dedication and this short film is an example of Miltone Marquette & Summer’s passion within #secondlife. This project took almost a year to replicate and the attention to detail is truly jaw dropping

Miltone Marquette replicates yet another architectural structure designed by the infamous Frank Lloyd Wright – If you would like to visit this location please IM Miltone Marquette inworld

Fallingwater History “There in a beautiful forest was a solid high rock-ledge rising beside a waterfall and the natural thing seemed to be to cantilever the house from that rock-bank over the falling water … Then came of course Mr. Kaufmann’s love for the beautiful site. He loved the site where the house was built and liked to listen to the waterfall. So that was the prime motive in the design. At least it is there, and he lives intimately with the thing he loves.” ~Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater is less than a two-hour drive southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, located halfway between the villages of Mill Run and Ohiopyle on PA Route 381. The private residence is magnificently cantilevered over a waterfall. The masterpiece by great American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, is one of the greatest examples of organic architecture ever created. In 1934, wealthy Pittsburgh department store owner, Edgar J. Kaufmann and his wife, Liliane, hired Wright to design a summer home on their property in Mill Run. The Kaufmann family, Edgar Sr., Liliane, and son Edgar Jr., enjoyed spending time in the mountains and decided to make it a permanent mountain retreat to replace their deteriorating cabin. The house was set amid 5,000 acres of natural wilderness that juts out over a waterfall on Bear Run and incorporated much of what was already on the site, including rocks, trees, and a rushing creek. In the late 1930’s, concrete technology was being pushed to its limits. The construction of Fallingwater further pushed the envelope. All construction work was completed by local craftsmen. The building materials included sandstone quarried nearby, reinforced concrete, steel and glass. Large reinforced concrete trays comprise the living and sleeping quarters, which cantilever over a 30’ waterfall, while vertical stone cores help anchor the trays. Wright saw the cantilever as a profoundly natural principle, as in the outstretched arm, or a tree branch growing from the trunk. He thought that engineers had failed to grasp its real potential and with some imagination, that it could become the most romantic and most free of all principles in construction. Though the house extends vertically above the rock ledges, the large, reinforced concrete trays give the house a decidedly horizontal orientation. In conjunction with the horizontal trays, Wright utilized very low ceilings throughout the house to give the interior spaces a feeling of shelter. In typical Wright fashion, he designed built-in furniture for the Main House (1936-1938), as well as the Guest House (1939). Only two colors were used throughout the interior of the house. Wright used a light ochre color on the concrete and his signature Cherokee red for the steel door and window casings. Wright also gave consideration to the exterior, as well as the flooring. The stonework was laid in random courses of approximately 17” heights to give the house a more natural, organic appearance. The Guest House, which also housed the servants’ quarters, is considered the “detached fourth floor” of the home. It connects to the main house via a folded concrete canopy that covers stone steps leading down the hill. The original budget for the entire project was not to exceed $30,000. However, at completion, Fallingwater cost the Kaufmann’s a grand total of $155,000. This included the architect’s fee of $8,000. Fallingwater was the epitome of modern design for any structure built before the 1930’s and set the benchmark of modern style and forms for any building constructed since. Fallingwater remained the weekend home of the Kaufmann family from 1937 to 1963, when the house, its contents and grounds were donated to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy by the Kaufmann’s son, Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. The Conservancy opened the property to the public in 1964. Since then, more than four million visitors have toured the house. Fallingwater is the only Frank Lloyd Wright house that is open to the public with all the original furnishings, artwork, and setting intact. Fallingwater has been designated as a National Historic Landmark and has been named by the American Institute of Architects as the 2000 “Building of the Century”. “Fallingwater is famous because the house in its setting embodies a powerful ideal—that people today can learn to live in harmony with nature … As technology uses more and more natural resources, as the world’s population grows even larger, harmony with nature is necessary for the very existence of mankind.” ~ Edgar Kaufmann, Jr.

Isla del Mer – DINOSAUR LAND !

Saer dropped me an IM inworld asking if I could film their beautifully created dinosaur land.

I TPd over and within 2 mins had been attacked severely by poisonous snakes. This sim was INTERESTING !!!, so off I went again landing in the underwater world surrounded by whales, crabs, dolphins and SHARKS …. MAN EATING SHARKS ! ok..so, JOIN the group and you are safe from anything that wants to eat you! BUT I am maxed out on group space so instead I took to the skies mesmerized by all that surrounded me ! Here I felt safe as I grabbed my video camera and pressed ON !…..

Please remember to use SHARED ENVIROS and have your sounds up ! Saer has done a truly epic job in creating this fantastic interactive sim and it’s well worth popping along ( take your scuba gear for the underwater experience too !)

GREAT JOB SAER …. loved filming this place :))

LANDMARK https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Valland/157/150/24/



A Relay For Life Fund Raising Event
Benefiting the American Cancer Society
June 5, 2022
7 AM SLT until 3 PM SLT

It’s time for our annual Wish Upon A Star event in support of Relay For Life! We are pulling out all the stops again this year with lots of fun and a star studded line up of some of SL’s best DJ’s and singers! Mark your calendars, grab everyone you know plus some you don’t know and plan to join us! We also have a raffle garden opening on May 28th!

7 AM – DJ Harry Hargreaves

8 AM – DJ Pandora

9 AM – DJ Gem Sunkiller

9:55 AM – Fireworks Overture

10 AM – Luciano Lionheart

11 AM – Djembe Dragonfire

12 PM – Samm Qendra

1 PM – Zachh Cale

2 PM – Jeffah

3 PM – Fireworks Finale

One-Hundred percent of all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Many thanks to all of the creators who donated prizes for the Raffle Garden!


51 Players signed up for the biggest golf tournament in Second Life’s history. 4 rounds of 18 holes at the RAINBOW GOLF LINKS CLUB

Land mark here to the golf course http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Playa%20de%20Olas/33/107/22

This video is highlights !

Free golf buggy, golf bag rental or buy your own !

**WARNING** Adult Sim

Putting Green / Driving Range / Amenities / Clubhouse / Chillout area

Regular events !

Over 1000 members

Contact Lexy Amore for more information Owner of the RAINBOW GOLF LINKS CLUB



Set on 2 sims this outstanding golf course is a MUST visit. Beautifully landscaped with meandering pathways through an 18 hole course. So much fun , either alone or with friends. A great way to unwind.

for more information contact LEXY AMORE inworld (Golf Course Manager)


Created by Hera – this tremendous sim is immersive in every way. From the horses footsteps trotting down the cobbled streets, to the distant steam train whistles. This film does NOT do this incredible sim justice and I urge you to go look around and even venture into some of the shops … you may even find some unexpected surprises around the corner !! – USE SHARED WINDLIGHTS for this sim.

ECHO RIDGE SIM by Elvira Kytori

I tp’d in and was suddenly immersed into a cold wintery beautiful sim using SHARED ENVIROMENT and media sound ON it was truly a delight and OMG I just had to film this epic place.

The creaking of the ice below your feet sounded almost frightening and the sunrays through the trees made you feel in awe.

This has to be one of the best winter places i’ve visited *so far*…. my explorations continue.

Enjoy the sim > here is the LANDMARK https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amaria/173/91/21


I saw the challenge on Twitter, a blog written by Wagner James and decided to have a little play …. yes I spend hours in a water sandbox with an animesh shark treading water until I found a swimming AO !…. but after several shots and changes to WL and water settings managed to capture something workable ! in fact tbh very little has been done to the shot. SL water is a pig if your capturing from UNDER water looking up at your avatar as pixels get displaced. So, here is my entry, just a little fun 🙂




Grab ya broomstick and fly by https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swank%20Events/128/124/39

GOTH EVENT & PUMPKIN HUNT Now for KIDS TOO !!All the booths by the hundreds are loaded with Swank event Pumpkins set to 0L. All you need is the Swank Event tag to get them all. Fully Remodeled Event!!!! Weekend SALES COMING SOON !!! It’s a month full of designs to feast your eyes on and places to test your nerves. Scare & Sale Shopping\for all your spooktacular needs. Don’t forget the FollowUp! Subscribe 5,000L Raffle.

The Gym Hub – The Ultimate SL Gym Experience

VISIT https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Terric/57/87/3012

This newly opened gym will give everyone the chance to do their own personal workout with different TV workouts on a massive screen ! (enable media player !).

Lower floor has all the gym equipment you can think of whilst the upper floor gives you time to unwind after a hard workout.

Join the group for up to date notifications on classes ranging from pilates, yoga, tia chi, AVaton cycling and just awesome pumping tunes !

Mindfulness is something we all need, so occasionally there will be mindfulness videos running where you will be able to relax and soak up the atmosphere and just be still.



TikTok gets a dose of InWorld Films..


#fridaynight when lockdown ends we be like … 🥳 @secondlife @gabri.nova.sl #secondlife #secondlifeavi #fridaynight #fyp

♬ original sound – cohmedyclub

#blackpink in #secondlife using paragon dance animation @secondlife @gabri.nova.sl that floor needs moping gabs!! 😬

♬ How You Like That – BLACKPINK

#secondlife FUTURISTIC LOOK in @secondlife #fyp #dancing #secondlifeavi #foryoupage #trend A whole new meaning to street dancing !!!

♬ Coño (feat. Jhorrmountain x Adje) – Puri

Chilling with Hellchild under the old tree drinking wine. #secondlife #secondlifeavi #fyp #youlightmeupinside @secondlife @gabri.nova.sl ❤️

♬ Shower – Becky G


3 minute video of highlights

A 5 hour event took place on the 21st of February at The Grove Country Estates Club raising money for the American Cancer Society. Over 150 people turned up and they raised over $1,800 on the night !!!! WAY TO GO !!!!!

Live singers entertained an audience which included Prince Charming, Cinderella, Snow White, Piglet, Tigger, Fairies, Princesses and the evil witch even turned up !!!!

The event certainly made you feel uplifted and the whole place was decorated to the hilt with cartoon characters. A big WELL DONE to ALL who took part and put so much time and effort into this amazing event. The highlights was the grand finale with fireworks cascading around a beautifully light up fairy tale palace !!

Well done Crito Galtier and his super team (applauds) :-))

WHO says you can’t bond with your virtual pet!?!

A recent tweet by Ava Bloodrose Delaney https://avadelaney.co.uk/fun/dont-und…​ about emotional attachment came to mind when making this film … SL’ers can form emotional attachments to their virtual pets too…. I dare you NOT to fall in love with any of the animals featured in this film !!! she quotes **** The key though is emotional attachment, if you form an emotional attachment to your avatar, what happens to your avatar triggers an emotional response for you. In this case the sensation of closeness to another human being, even if what your eyes are seeing is pixel people. In your head it’s a virtual “you”, the other person wants to share this moment with you and that is the point. This doesn’t work for some people I know that, they just see pixels on a screen and it triggers nothing, to me they’re missing out.*** Featuring Animals from Rezz Room, Teegle Horses, Maya’s Architecture Shop, plus installations from Swank & Co by Adonis Lubinor CEO of SWANK EVENTS and Greymoon Designs, T-spot, TLC Home Collection. Building your own paradise in a VR world – BUT don’t forget RL … We all need Hope. Filmed on the private residence of Suzie Anderton


Chilling with Hellchild under the old tree drinking wine. #secondlife #secondlifeavi #fyp #youlightmeupinside @secondlife @gabri.nova.sl ❤️

♬ Shower – Becky G

My Road Buddy HELLCHILD !

We are heading out from MOTHER ROAD in second life and what a road it is ! Riding with the gang on Turlaccor Custombike Vix Motors MotoDesign Second Life Motorcycles we took to the road for a great ride and quick photoshoot…..

Rev them engines and lets burn some rubber

Fingers crossed for my two pictures as I can tell you there is some serious competition !!!

The Robie House in SL duplicated from RL !

Thank you to Miltone and Tab for inviting me along to the “Doctors without Borders Event” which helps raise funds for global life saving emergencies … The Robie House was premiered and then Frank Sinatra and his band played into the wee small hours (uk time !) and we staggered home very merry on champagne.

Would also like to say a big thank you to my dear friends who came to support the film premiere and event Adonis CEO of SWANK Crito CEO of The Grove Country Club Estates and Gabby who stayed up till stupid o’clock just to hold my hand ! Was a fantastic turn out and great company.




We need some fun in our lives and what better way to have a laugh with friends at the 80’s Roller Disco !

DJs and 80’s music all the way !

Skates on arrival dropped into your Inventory…… so what you waiting for??!?……

Let’s forget this year…

I’ve had enough of RL… so I decided to move… in SL… and give myself a project. I am now living in Spain !

House by HISA.

Fun building, fun buying, fun tweeking, and fun film making…. and thank you to my sl love HellChild for whisking me around the patio to the argentino tango.. well i think it was the tango..i was drunk and you were a good leader !!!

Merry Christmas everyone..stay safe… hoping for a better 2021

Let’s pray