Somewhere Else BKLYN


Created by Billie and Toxx this excellent sim has just SO MUCH going on in it.

Flippin amazing ! LOVE LOVE IT

walk the streets of Brooklyn and experience the chaos noise and daily life around you.

Such an immersive experience..i think everyone in SL should pay it a visit !

Makes me appreciate country life !!!

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Somewhere else BKLYN

It’s been a while since I walked the busy hustle bustle of a city in Second Life.  I’m mainly a beach bum girl.. always find me strolling sands or chillaxing somewhere off the beaten track.

After reading a blog post the other day by Maddy Gynoid I decided to take a taxi over and check out the city life !

I wasn’t disappointed with the amount of detail here.  Billie Littlesquaw creator of this amazing sim … SAYS:  Welcome to bro͝oklən  ‘WL region recommanded /sound on’ enjoy 🙂

Rather than double clicking and hopping furiously around this place I decided to WALK !!!

Little alley ways and back streets, shops and cafes, rubbish and graffiti made this place just feel so realistic..very immersive.

Here come the pictures




AMRUM – A super get a way island

When the mood takes you…. TP over to AMRUM.  A deserted little island with long stretches of golden sand and plenty of spots to sit down and maybe grab your camera !!

Cats, horses, long grass and a place to meditate… its a haven for peace and tranquility

Listen to the waves crashing on the rocks and the sheep in the fields.

I loved it so much I filmed it !!


Lets go to France !!!! (in 4K )


Mon Joli Cadeau

As you set down in this picturesque little town overflowing with sounds of hustle bustle and a raging river running through it, you instantly feel the ambiance of this lovely Sim created by Yoh & Avalon Boa.

Yes there are a few shops in the streets mostly art galleries which are outstanding all of which are created by residents in SL.

Grab a seat at the cafe or take a walk over the bridge to the ballroom where you will find ample dance balls.

This place is brimming with decadence…art, music and elegant stores.

click the link to TP over…


Au revoir !!


4K Maison de L’amitie by Corina Wonder

Sim created by Corina Wonder

Disembark on the quayside where a little mini bistro awaits you. The sea gently lapping on the concrete quayside and dolphins play at the harbour side .  Boats anchored in the misty shadows of mountains surrounding this tranquil town.  Take a stroll through the central park and keep your eyes peeled for the animals and wildlife.  A few hundred metres down the road come to a beautiful wedding chapel and a little further you stumble into an industrial area.  Plumes of black smoke billow into the sky with a sense of hard labour going on inside the factories.  Feels like a real working little town with so much details.. even graffiti on the walls and road signs.  The shops have finely dressed mannequins giving it a sense of up market living. It even boasts an art museum with walls draped with beautiful artwork.

Discover a beautiful lake around the back with swans and a jetty.  Time to relax !!!

Corina certainly put a lot of thought and work into this compact little sim.

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