[08:55] Parker Static: (Saved Fri Sep 09 07:43:14 2016)YOU’RE the most amazing videographer I’ve ever seen

[13:48] Brunella Voelisa (voelisa): OMG..your work is soo good Suzie
[13:49] Brunella Voelisa (voelisa) bows down before you in awe!
[13:50] Brunella Voelisa (voelisa): it showcases SL at its finest.


Suzie, Suzie Suzie ♬♫♪♫  I have watched your wedding video Skip and Delinda.. and you may not believe it: I did it three times full length. Although I don’t watch wedding videos – sl nor rl – I’m very sure that it is the best one ever! This video deserves standing ovations and  a one-minute applause. In sl they often use the word ‘immersive’ . You succeeded to transfer it into the video. so many beautiful people (loved the gay/transgender couples which you didn’t neglect.) You even didn’t forget the singles there. Your eye for details is amazing. Am I wrong when I guess that this is your wedding masterpiece? No I am not 🙂 Congratulations Suzie. And yes I am jealous about your incredible hardware too.  Suzie, you made it. In my eyes you now play in another league. YANY O’Real (yany.oh) Second Life Resident