all i can say is the market place in second life must be inundated with new purchases ! Linden Labs released the first NEW style homes to all residents with a premium account. Oh what fun !! out with the old and in with the new

This video only showcases the Traditional Winchester Style home.  There are lots to choose from !


and so 2018 comes to a rapid close…

Reflecting on the past year…..


It’s been one hell of a year !

Busy RL and busy SL.  Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at what we have achieved.  Ive noticed over months that my social media has stepped up and im constantly updating, tweeting, commenting etc etc… valuable time eaten away by pressing buttons. Sad fact of this era and im sure it will get worse.

Time to step back, take hold of reality and balance everything.  Because sometimes things run away with us and before we know it…we’ve lost touch…in a lot of things.

Treasure what we have right in front of us… family, friends, pets.

Christmas is a time to reflect on what has been…enjoy the seasons festivities and look towards another fast approaching year.  What will be different ?  How can I make a difference?  What goals will I set myself ?… so many questions…  and yet the next chapter hasnt even begun yet.

Wishing every single one of you a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

May all your wishes come true 😉





Want that special dress for Christmas… ? Then grab ya boyfriend and his wallet and go to Mon Cheri in SL showcasing the Miranda fat pack dress which has every colour under the rainbow and colour changing pants. Sparkles come with tonnes of different colours too.. all on 1 hud. for mesh bodies.

Isabelle Cheren and her reasons for SL


Isa shares with us her personal reasons why she escapes to Second Life.  After watching her little film I think i would have to agree with her..THIS IS A PLACE TO CREATE and enjoy doing your own thing.  Everyone has different reasons for being in SL…  money maker, making friends, building/scripting, the list is endless…

I wanted to share Isa film as I think she touched on something very dear to me… my childhood memories :-))

Great Film


suzie x

Having a home in a VR world

sweet dreams are made of these  Our New Home Album on Flickr

is an amazing feeling… a place you can call your own… log in and instantly feel homely.

We went to town a couple of days ago and bought land… then the fun began..SHOPPING… and I mean serious shopping…starting from scratch and buying the furniture to the small details of making a home a home… its now finished..or is it!?  There is always room for improvement… lol

After TPing to many Land Marks for furniture and decorating places it became quite obvious that there is just so much choice and the level of workmanship that goes into these items is absolutely mind boggling.  The realistic details puts into a level of its own and to be honest its pretty affordable.







These are just but a few of the places you will find awesome items.

I hope to stay here for a long long time as this is the most amazing place

A place i can call home  🙂






all pictures are on


signing off….



My Hometown Summer Fete

With weather reaching peak heat and temperatures of over 25 degrees it was time to set off to the Town Fete !  Camera in hand !!!!!

Fantastic turn out and so much going on the whole family enjoyed this free event.  Well done to all the people who made it possible.