WHO says you can’t bond with your virtual pet!?!

A recent tweet by Ava Bloodrose Delaney https://avadelaney.co.uk/fun/dont-und…​ about emotional attachment came to mind when making this film … SL’ers can form emotional attachments to their virtual pets too…. I dare you NOT to fall in love with any of the animals featured in this film !!! she quotes **** The key though is emotional attachment, if you form an emotional attachment to your avatar, what happens to your avatar triggers an emotional response for you. In this case the sensation of closeness to another human being, even if what your eyes are seeing is pixel people. In your head it’s a virtual “you”, the other person wants to share this moment with you and that is the point. This doesn’t work for some people I know that, they just see pixels on a screen and it triggers nothing, to me they’re missing out.*** Featuring Animals from Rezz Room, Teegle Horses, Maya’s Architecture Shop, plus installations from Swank & Co by Adonis Lubinor CEO of SWANK EVENTS and Greymoon Designs, T-spot, TLC Home Collection. Building your own paradise in a VR world – BUT don’t forget RL … We all need Hope. Filmed on the private residence of Suzie Anderton


Chilling with Hellchild under the old tree drinking wine. #secondlife #secondlifeavi #fyp #youlightmeupinside @secondlife @gabri.nova.sl ❤️

♬ Shower – Becky G

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