The Grand LIGHTS ON at Calas Galadhon

It’s been one hell of a week for me and feeling a little sorry for my self with absolutely no voice whatsoever I took a TP over to Calas Galadhon to join in the Tree Lights being turned on.  Here I could actually communicate with people by typing as I literally cant speak so this was perfect….. I was in awe…. the sim has been totally decorated to the hilt and there is so much going on here from reindeer rides, sleigh rides, balloon rides, skating (single), skating like a pro couple too !!!   cozy benches with great animations for singles and couples dotted everywhere with log fires to make it that much more cozy.

I was blown away how this made me feel as I was first taken through a tunnel into Santas Grotto from a ice lake landing point….  I was like a little kid !  I actually broke into a run at one point looking at the santas helpers grotto …. just outstanding

Needless to say I spent the remainder of my evening skating, dancing and making new friends and having such a laugh…which was painful as my throat is absolutely killing me all that came out was squeeks… but I had such a great time, and this sim simply did the job… I FEEL TOTALLY CHRISTMASY …. Tymus Tenk is the Owner and I take my hat off to you and your team..  A JOB WELL DONE


Tymus writes:

CALAS is celebrating her 10th Anniversary!Your monthly support keeps us here! So many good sims are here one day and gone the next 😦

Creator & owner with Truck Meredith of the 13 sims of Calas Galadhon Park…bringing the beauty of our natural world into Second Life ..


AVI Choice winner 2013 & 2015 ‘Fav Sims to Explore
Avi Choice winner 2016 for Fav. Place to Take a Date, and Favorite Holiday Sim – Christmas


Here come the pictures…Snapshot_039







So pinch and a punch for the FIRST DAY of the month….. Merry Christmas !!

now lets give you the LM so you can all go and enjoy this marvelous location.

THIS is the Christmas landing point which, if you follow the arrows will take you through many tunnels lit by fairy lights on a wonderful journey to Santas Grotto….  KEEP GOING until you reach The Pavilion where its all happening.  On landing you will receive a notecard which I strongly suggest you accept as this will have ALL the important land marks for across the entire sims…








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